Project No: 5555
This classic stucco clad house utilized 'Expresso' painted steel windows and doors to achieve narrow sight line requested by the architect
Location: Southampton
Project No: 1656
This project on the ocean in Water Mill has all clear anodized aluminum hurricane rated products. Many columns between adjacent units and corner conditions were clad with anodized aluminum to match the windows.
Location: Water Mill
Project No: 1789
This private Tennis Pavilion was designed with large expanses of glass to take advantage of wooded scenery and distant water views.  Custom painted, thermally broken, storefront-type aluminum extrusions were used in conjunction with aluminum doors and vents.
Location: East Hampton
Project No: 1567
This contemporary house in a secluded wooded location utilized bronze anodized aluminum products that meshed well with the wood exterior.  The primary focal point of the house is the large 2 story, 2-sided fixed glazing for the main stairway, which has a butt glazed corner.
Location: East Hampton
Project No: 1345
This house used numerous banks of multislide sliding doors that pocket to create a total open feeling when all doors are open to take advantage of views and breezes from the ocean and adjacent pond. Large lites of fixed glass, some behind wood screening, also were used to maximize views.
Location: Bridgehampton
Project No: 2131
This very unique house utilized custom steel T-shaped back mullions that supported laminated insulated glass via cassetes that were structurally glazed to the glass.  A 3-sided glass bridge that connects the 2 main elements of the house is the focal point of the house.  The main entry to the house has 4 walls of glass with butt glazed corners with a custom lift/slide sliding door integral to the curtain wall.
Location: Amagansett
Project No: 1237
This project was a collaboration with Long Island Stair in which they provided the custom steel shoe and top wood handrail and Westhampton Architectural Glass templated and installed the glass. Many pieces were custom bent to a slight radius to create an interesting architectural feature in the center of the house.
Location: Bridgehampton
Project No: 1900
This 3 level oceanfront house has large south facing sliding doors to maximize ocean views and large structurally glazed fixed panels on the 3rd floor to achieve a flush condition with the siding.  The street-facing fixed glass in the Master Bath has switchable privacy glass that can go from clear to obscure with the fick of a switch.
Location: Westhampton Dunes
Project No: 0178
This project utilized hurricane rated products, but some sizes and conditions were outside of the tested assemblies, so the code was met through designing the structure per the Partially Enclosed method.  Curtain wall framing was used for all fixed units, creating the dramatic 2 story space in the living room. Most corner were butt glazed to afford an unobstructed view of the bay.
Location: Westhampton Beach
Project No: 0125
All doors and windows on this project were hurricane compliant, in a dark bronze anodized finish, and glazed with PPG SolarBan 60 low e laminated insulated glass.  Curtain wall framing was used for all fixed units and to create openings for Arcadia 5500 series sliding doors. Most 90 degree corners were clad with bronze anodized aluminum, creating a reveal with adjacent fenestrations. Sliding door panels were 10' high throughout the job, with fixed transoms above in some locations. 1/2' clear low iron glass was used for a rooftop deck railing and for the stairs leading to it.  Westhampton Architectural Glass custom fabricated the very sleek aluminum posts and cap for the 2nd Floor railings as well as the extrusions for the fixed skylights
Location: Bridgehampton
Project No: 2322
Clear anodized aluminum Arcadia 5000 series sliding doors, 9' high, were used throughout this very clean house. A custom 5' x 9' pivot door creates a dramatic entrance that allows full vision into the house.
Location: Noyac
Project No: 0000
This spetacular oceanfront house, featured in several magazines, is defined by the 2 story FinWall curtain wall on both the bay and ocean sides of the 2 story Living Room space.  The glass wall is supported laterally by 3/4' glass fins to afford minimal sight lines. All doors and windows have a custom Kynar gray color, glazed with PPG SolarBan 60 low e insulated glass.  The entry curtain wall used a custom resin product to mimic alabaster with a clear lite to form an insulated glass unit. The interior bridge that spans the Living Room has a low iron 1/2' glass railing with buried aluminum shoe.
Location: Quogue
Project No: 2345
This project emphasized the surrounding views from the home.  The breezeway is long, narrow, and lined with floor to ceiling glass panels.   Curtain wall framing was used for the fixed units in the living room creating a dramatic two story space.  The second-floor spaces cantilever toward the ocean, affording elevated views from bedrooms and terraces.  The glass railing ties into the modern feel of the home as it runs along the stairs as well as along some of the second- floor terraces. 
Location: Sagaponack
Project No: 1236

This very modern house used Fin Wall along the street facade to create a dramatic look by using 3/4' glass fins structurally glazed to large fixed panels for a very minimal look. The 2 large all glass pivot doors on opposite facades are 6' x 9' to mimic the module of adjacent fixed panels and sliders.

Location: Westhampton Beach
Project No: 5354
Views from this property are vast; Mecox Bay sits to the north while the Atlantic Ocean is to the south.xxxx
Location: Southampton